Education For A Safer Tomorrow (E.F.A.S.T.) was established in 2004 as a sole proprietorship  by Ruben Gaytan, out of the need for quality public safety education and training.  Mr. Gaytan has been serving in a public safety capacity for more than 29 years. He is a NREMTP and licensed paramedic for the state of Texas and has served in his hometown as a firefighter.   He has concurrently been in education for the past 27 years teaching full time/part time at the Community College, High School level and the regional police academy for a number of years.  Currently  Mr. Gaytan has been in Law Enforcement for more than 19 years, where he is a TCOLE advanced police instructor, firearms instructor and has experience in patrol, traffic investigation/reconstruction, SWAT and investigations.  With a heart for public safety and education, Mr. Gaytan has developed E.F.A.S.T.  The company is dedicated to quality safety education and consultancy.  In 2011 E.F.A.S.T. was incorporated and is currently owned and operated by Mr. Gaytan and his wife of 27 years Maribel R. Gaytan.  Mrs. Gaytan has more that 22 years of educational experience.  Together Mr. and Mrs. Gaytan are dedicated to providing the best Education For A Safer Tomorrow.